Welcome To Eve-robotics.

Affordable Software for Sneakerheads and Resellers
Helping you cop limited edition shoes and clothing and more.

Big arsenal of tools

At EVE Robotics, we strive to give our customers and cook division group members an arsenal of unique and useful tools to find available products to resell and even to check them out automatically. Tired of paying for overpriced proxies, add-to-cart services, and links? Allow us to help you ease the burden and start copping with us today!

Customer centered philosophy

At EVE Robotics, our customers come first. We pride ourselves on our fast response times, A+ support in our Discord chat, and issues resolving. But our commitment to our customers goes so much farther than that. In our VIP and Elite groups, our members suggest ideas for new tool and bots and suggest ways to improve current ones and we listen. We are here for you and want to see you cook!